Activities of 2001(last updated:2007/03/04)
April: While leaving the Moroiso harbor, the line was caught by the screw. It was not successful to release it, the rescue had to be asked.
May: Visit of the factory in France with clients. It was a unprecedented hot summer. The foods were impressive.
July: Trouble on the departure again! This time with our used Yamaha FR-21, leaving Urayasu Marina on the trouble of mechanical steering, caused by the exposure to salty water. Later it was changed to an oil pressured one. This deprived us of valuable three weekends in the summer.
August: As Ayako decided to obtain 1st class boating license it was not possible to take a long summer vacation. I stayed rather lazily in humid and hot metropolitan. At the end of the month, the new boss for the Asian zone has become operational. He is a graduate of the premier Thai university with Chicago MBA. In the time declining economic power of Japan, it would be fairly common for Japanese to work for an Asian boss?
October: Participated with the British Embassy Football Club of Japan in the Tiger Seven footy tournament in Penang, Malaysia. It was Tiger as Tiger Beer was the Sponsor, and Seven, as it was a seven-a-side tournament. Some opponents were quite good having made my knee, injured for sometime, worse, to later have me accepted to start playing golf.
November: Applied for the head of the education committee of Urayasu city. This was the second example of open public calling after Zushi,  in response to the incident of the head master (Kyoto) of one junior high-school sealed the public money for his playing for horse race. Surprisingly I passed the first exam and was given a interview with the Mayor. It was not possible to hide all my not-preparedness, but it was interesting experience to learn a little how education is administered locally.
December: With the World Cup at home in only 5 months to come, we have no ticket to possible break our record of consecutively attending the event since 1986. If we failed to get ones in FIFA random selection in February, we may buy a big 50 inches Plasma display.