Activities of 2002(updated:2008/01/05)
January: Visited Singapore for regional conference. First time in this time of the year. It was more pleasant than thought before. Discovered more new type of restaurants.
February: Read the book on Dai-ei, revealing it so obvious this hyper store chain went to bankruptcy naturally, with the model of expansion based on the assumption of land price appreciation, the model that is clearly contrasted with that of Ito-Yokado, As the both stores are present in Urayasu, it should look interesting to see what happen to them. Started practicing golf.
March: First time since high school days, played in the national stadium, where planned to play but flu had prevented. This time again a team of low-maker, including former Japanese international, Luis Ramos. Scored a goal!
April: Instead of buying a large plasma display, we went for a EPSON projecter, which was found to be less expensive and less space-demanding. Bent a finger while playing football to prevent practicing of golf for the coming 7 months.
May: Installed ADSL, using the local CATV network to achieve about 10MB band width. The speed was incredible.
June: The World Cup has come to Japan finally. It was 5th of this to watch the game live since one in Mexico 1986. Watched Cameroon-Ireland (Niigata).  Argentine-Nigeria (Kashima), Italy-Croatia (Kashima), England-Denmark (Niigata) and Turkey-Senegal (Osaka). The total driving distance was 1200 km.
July: Two week vacation in North Italy, South France and Switzerland, with the total driving distance of 2500km:
  • Turin: the capital of Savoa. Less visited but quite good. The culture of good cafe is worth investigating.
  • Stayed in Alba, the center of Piedmonte Wine. visited wine centers of Barolo、Barbaresco、Neive。In Barbaresco, met an ex-Swiss banker who now owns a winery. In Alba, accidentally met in the local bar a son of Cantina Rocca Mario of Nieve, entertained us and the English wine merchant from Malaga with free good wines.
  • Soriso: One of the only two Michelin three stars in Italy, we managed to arrive thanks to the GPS navigation of the BMW we rented. Super-efficient service! Took regional specialty pigeon.
  • Knowing that the Shunsuke Nakamura, ex-Yokohama Marinos and his team Reginna was in a summer camp, headed to the Valley of Aosta. The hotel looked like a mountain cottage. Due to the wrong information in the Italian Newspaper, the game was already over, when we arrived. Everything was cheap in Aosta.
August: Vacation continues:
  • From Aosta, headed the South France, Cannes, by trespassing the French Alps, taking a route a little further South of which Napoleon took.. After the long drive, the appearance of the Mediterranean was very impressive. Expensive cruisers in the port of the city of the European riches was the most impressive aspect.
  • Marseille is the second largest city in France created by Phoenician. The Division 1game we planned to watch for the weekend was brought to Lyon as a penalty of the aggressive action of Marseille fans. The city holds quite North African (Arabs) intensifies the mood of the city's Mediterranean nature. The color of the sea as magnificent.
  • Via Les Baux de Province, moved to Lyon. The city with a good plan to separate old and new part, rich in history and culture, and "the city of food".
  • Stayed in Geneve for two nights。 Visited United Nations HQ and Head of the International Red Cross. Being only paralleled with Dutch  as a tough negotiator, how they created these effective institutions? To name a few, like Calvin. Joined with South African correspondence friend, who moved to the city recently.
  • In the last stop of the vacation, in Milan, the credit cards, passport, air tickets, etc. were taken from the car, while one tire was deliberately punctured. The skill was almost at the level of art. The local opinion was divided whether the robber was South American or Albanian. Thanks to the quick administrative action by the Consulate of Japan in Milan, we managed to be back to Japan as scheduled.
9月:Inspired by Professor Zinnai's book called "Tokyo", took the small boat to Arakawa、Edogawa、Kandagawa、and Nihonbashigawa, all remains of the canal and water network, so active and important during the time of Edo。 The view from the boat of Mansei Bridge at Akihabara, Ochanomizu, and Korakuen were astonishing Big discovering is to feel that Iidabashi as the internodes of river and rail transportation. In the time Edo, the water was such an important element. Who mad the city so less interesting?
  • Helped UCL at the Study Fair in Tokyo for the quite few young people interested in studying such like architecture or low. Compared to how I reached to UCL, the interest and expectation of them are more specific and realistic. However, for many, the language preparation was generally quite poor.
  • Obtained the 1st class boat license. I liked the zeal and enthusiasm of the instructors, the old seamen who navigated the world in the past.
  • Completed the reading of the first 7 volumes of "The Tale of Roman", by Nanao Shinomi. The strong desires of Hannibar as a consequently created the great empire.
  • Sony VAIO lap top bought in 1998 did not function. Went to Dai-ichi Katei Denki in Akihabara whom 5-year warranty contract was made. Only found that the store was bankrupted.
  • Two-week special training in Clermont-Ferrand, with younger manager from more then 10countries, on the management of global company. Bored with the country life, went to Paris for a weekend. Went to Musee d'Art Moderne Paris for Matehw Barney;at  the Center of Pomidou for Max Beckmann. In the date of the departure, forgot passport and ticket in the car making it possible to visit for a lunch at Kawamura Memorial Museum
  • Watched Toyota Cup Final of Real Madrid and Olympia of Paraguay Although impressed by the skills of the players of real, the courage of the other side with less than several ten times of salary was warming.
  • Went to the selection of the Soft Economy Award. Felt that Japan was not that bad, feeling damaged only soon by the reaction of the political group for the reformation of the Road Agency.